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Candlewood Cottage
Sun filled, light filled, soul filled, original cottage with all the modern conveniences including swimming pool and hot tub jacuzzi.
  • Up to 9 guests
  • 7 bedrooms
from R5,000
Gladd House on Leisure Isle
Remember fairytale family holidays when life happened at a leisurely pace? Generations of family reconnecting, out walking and cycling in the parks and along the waters edge, children searching for sea treasures on the tidal sands, toddlers paddling and building sand castles while mom dips her toes in the safe shallow waters of an island and dad baits his hook?…
  • Up to 6 guests
  • 6 bedrooms
from R4,000
Room with a View
Relax in the jacuzzi, lounge on the deck or just put your feet up in your 'Room with a View'. Wherever you are enjoy glorious views of the lagoon, the twinkling lights of Knysna town and the mountains beyond.
  • Up to 2 guests
  • 1 bedrooms
from R1,200
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Leisure Island, Knysna
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